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Design matters. It’s everywhere around you and plays a vital role in most everything you do — from ordering your thoughts to interfacing with gadgets and technology. Design conveys and evokes in service to its function and intent. Design answers your questions, helps you find what you’re looking for and gets you where you’re going. Good design works. Great design makes you feel something about it.

Clients & Collaborators


Bristol, UK


The Bone Snatchers
Portland, OR

The Fame Riot     
Seattle / Tacoma, WA

The Happening 
Portland, OR

Pink Slip 
Portland, OR

St. Joseph, MO

Construction / Remodeling

Dendra Doors    
Eugene, OR

John Webb Construction & Design    
Eugene, OR

Portland Millwork
Wilsonville, OR

Stone Works International
Eugene, OR

Marketing / Promotions

Super Groovy Cosmic Bus 
Portland, OR

Medical / Health

City Chiropractic
Portland, OR


Catrina Wilson  
Eugene, OR


City of Vernonia
Vernonia, OR

Nonprofit Organizations

KPSU Radio
Portland, OR

Oregon Country Fair   
Eugene / Veneta, OR

Portland Leather Alliance
Portland, OR


Marissa Armas Photography 
Eugene, OR

Fotos by Frankie  
Portland, OR

Derik Olsen Photography
Bozeman, MT / ID

Paul Talling / Derelict London   
London, UK

Professional Services

Conscious Growth
Junction City, OR

Public Institutions

Jordan Schnitzer Museum of Art   
University of Oregon
Eugene, OR

Willamette University 
Department of Chemistry
Salem, OR


Velo Cult Bike Shop
Portland, OR


360 Labs   
Portland, OR

VersaLogic Corp. 
Tualatin, OR


Ash Street Saloon 
Portland, OR

The Boreal
Eugene, OR

Kelly’s Olympian 
Portland, OR

Turn Turn Turn 
Portland, OR

Portland, OR

Internet Fame

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Active Projects

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